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Planning Dog Bite Lawsuits

Signs of a Rabid Dog

Rabies is a virus that causes fatal inflammation of the brain. Mammals are the only carriers of rabies and it can only be spread by an infected animal biting a non-infected animal. Outside the US, dogs are one of the most common carriers of rabies, and rabies does not discriminate breeds.

Foaming at the mouth isn’t the only sign of a rabid dog. Here are the three stages of rabies’ symptoms:

  1. The first stage of rabies is called prodromal. The prodromal stage has a duration as long as six months. Symptoms you may notice: lethargy, change in bark, appetite and and chewing at the bite site.
  2. The second stage of rabies is called the furious stage, also known as excitative. Dog attacks typically occur during this stage! This is the most dangerous stage of rabies and only lasts a few days! Aggressive and unpredictable behavior is common during this time. Other symptoms include dilated pupils, disorientation and seizures. 
  3. The final stage is called paralytic and lasts for a few days. Dogs will experience dropping of the lower jaw, difficulty swallowing, and, as mentioned earlier: foaming at the mouth.

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